Heart Smart Vacationing Tips

As Memorial Day is behind us, vacationing season in the United States has officially kicked off. School is soon coming to a close and some offices begin to implement their summer hours. The next 3-4 months are a busy time for families and friends to vacation together. While vacations are a great time to relax and take a load off from everyday life, eating healthy is not something that you should take a vacation from.

As cardiologist Dr. Satyabrata Chatterjee has noticed in his profession, plenty of his patients become very lax during their vacations. They either eat significantly more, are less active than their normal lives, or both. To ensure you stay on a heart healthy path during vacation, here are a few healthy habits to keep in mind on your next trip.

Stay Hydrated
Water is your friend. Water helps your system function optimally. Travelling can cause you to become dehydrated faster than normally, especially if you are on your feet all day and doing various activities. Those on beach vacations need to up their water intake, as being out in the Sun all day can do damage on your body. Whether in your backpack or cooler, be sure to carry water with you wherever you go.

Eat Smart
Being heart healthy has a lot do with what you put into your body and how. One major key to being heart healthy is to eat smart. Dr. Satyabraya Chatterjee notes that this comes in many forms. Eating smart is not just about the choices you make, but also the times you eat. Make sure you get your daily recommended amount of fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition to that, only eat when you’re hungry and stop when you are full. Don’t gorge or stuff yourself.

Enjoy a Nice Walk
Nothing feels better than taking a nice walk while on vacation. Whether you’re visiting a new city or taking a weekend beach vacation, walking around for a few minutes gives you a chance to explore the area. Additionally, it gives you a chance to get up and on your feet, getting in some daily exercise. Many people who regularly walk and sightsee on their vacations notice the benefits of this immediately.

Resist Splurging
Vacations have become synonymous for splurging. When we’re away from our normal schedule, we believe it gives us carte blanche to act impulsively. Women, in particular, are more prone to splurge and binge eating on vacations than men. Dr. Satybrata suggests reigning in this desire to over indulge and opt for simpler eating habits. Choose foods that are lower in fat and in calories if you do find yourself splurging.